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Film 1

Reaching Catholics with the Lord's Love

Film 2
Everlasting Life

Film 3
Identifying the Early Church


Film 4
Lost in Catholicism, Found in Christ

Film 5
The Curse of Dual Authorities

Film 6
The Papacy

Film 7
The Biblical uncovering of the Pope and Papacy

Film 8
Does Peter Have the Keys to Heaven?

Film 9
Peter and the Rock

Film 10
Is John Paul blessed in the sight of God?

Film 11
The Cross and the mass

Film 12
The Mass as a Sacrifice

Film 13
The Eucharist

Film 14
Can a Priest forgive sins?

Film 15
Can a Priest forgive sins?

Film 16
The First Martyrs of the Reformation

Film 17
True Polish Christian History

Film 18
From Polish Catholicism to Trusting Christ Alone

Film 19
The Pope denounces True Christians

Film 20
Evangelicals Embark to Papal Rome


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